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 *Any Coupons and Discount Codes offered on the website are subject to certain restrictions and limitations. Amazing Vanities, LLC reserves the right to change the restrictions and limitations at any time and without notice.  

 *For any shipping coupon/discount codes relating to "USA Orders" the shipping code only applies to continental USA orders, and does not apply to Alaska and/or Hawaii.

 *Any 10% or 5% off coupons/discount codes do not apply to all manufacturers/vendors/suppliers as each manufacturer has specific pricing policies that limit Amazing Vanities, LLC's ability to apply the codes. Specifically, these coupon codes will not apply to Hardware Resources (Element and Jeffery Alexander) items due to their pricing policies. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   Please contact our customer service via chat at the bottom right of this page, via email at:, or via phone at (888) 440-7234, for any further questions and to find out which manufacturers that the coupons/discount codes do not apply to.  


Cole + Co. Vanities

At Amazing Vanities, we strive to provide a high level of customer service and a quick and efficient ordering/delivery process.   Unfortunately, Cole + Co. has failed us in this...


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